Usuario:5 Enterprise Social Networking Apps that Mean Business

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Social networking apps are the new rage in the business world. With the emergence of enterprise mobility, more and more organizations have started using employee social networking skills to boost their productivity. While external social networking apps help organizations stay closer to their audience, internal networking helps them streamline communication among co-workers, increase workplace productivity, boost employee engagement, and build customer loyalty.

Today various enterprise social networking apps exist that give employees a sense of online community and help them easily share information across different channels, increase collaboration and interaction, and create a central repository of assets and deliverables. With all these benefits and more, enterprise social networking is for every business. However, if you are new in enterprise social networking, here are some apps that can help you begin:

Allowing businesses to build and control their own customized communities, offers the easiest and the most flexible way to interact with your customers, fans, employees, and partners. It gives your group a voice, while giving you the supreme control over your community members and content that they post. With, you can set your own rules and manage content on your terms. By integrating a number of content types, including blogs, surveys, forums, chats, events, private messages, and clips, the app allows you to centralize your conversation in a space that you control.


Another excellent app for enterprise social collaboration, Igloo offers team collaboration and communication from a single platform. By offering an easy medium to share files, schedule meetings and launch updates, Igloo removes the need of using multiple applications. Having seven core functionalities for sharing blogs, files, calendars, tasks, wikis, microblogs, and forums, Igloo helps you create a powerful but enjoyable intranet experience for collaborative business. In fact, Igloo is like having a private version of Twitter, Facebook, and Dropbox designed exclusively for your business, with controlled over sharing.


Communifire is another enterprise collaboration software that connects employees, customers, and partners to pursue shared interests. It increases the functionality of various traditional social intranets by encompassing a wide range of productivity, collaboration and social communications tools. Through customizable workspaces, Communifire ensures collaboration for teams, stakeholders and customers alike. These workspaces let you create and share files, blogs, articles, videos, photos, discussion threads, calendars; view and manage tasks and cases; and formulate ideas on the go. Its real time activity feed helps you stay up to date with all the recent activities and keep a tab on all the comments, ratings, likes, and followings.


Cut back long meetings and lengthy e-mail chains with Yammer. A full featured enterprise social networking app, Yammer allows you to stay connected to the right people, share information across teams, and organize projects even on the go. It understands that for businesses, keeping their communications private is of utmost importance. Thus, Yammer provides an enterprise social network that’s similar to Twitter and Facebook, but with enhanced privacy and security controls. It also offers a complete range of features that help you listen to your customers, meet their needs, and flourish your business.

Zoho Connect

Zoho Connect offers all the expected features of an enterprise social collaboration platform under one roof. With features like activity streaming, employee profiles, wikis, blogs, file management, discussion threads, and chat rooms, it enables you to build an intranet network that allows you to connect and collaborate with partners, vendors, customers, and external stakeholders. The app integrates with Zoho Creator to help you automate actions and design workflows. It also features user profiles, a company directory, and the ability to follow people.

Networking makes communication more effective. Therefore, as intranet is continuously evolving to companies’ real needs of today, businesses should leverage on apps and software that encourage employee communication within and outside the organization. So, make use of these enterprise social networking apps to connect and collaborate and take your business to a new level.