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It was not so long ago when the issue of security for Android devices was negligible. With the system gaining popularity at a frantic pace, in recent times it has become a lucrative target for hackers. Cyber criminals due to several vulnerabilities in its working started to try various illegal means for hacking any possible information about the owner of Android-gadgets, including: credit card numbers, and personal data that can be used for commercial purposes. Digital attacks targeted at this operating system become more serious due to its being the open source one. Moreover, many online outlets have propped up luring customers with free versions of popular Android apps and one wrong step can just ruin your life.

Considering the need for a detailed educational program for Android users on how to protect their tablets and phones from malicious programs, a team of experts at the tech support company under its Top-5 series has compiled a list of free antivirus apps for Android. This makes sense giving customers a feel of the program before opting for a Pro version. Moreover, these free antivirus apps are quite effective and one can even do without paid upgrades. Enter Office 365 Product Key

List has been arranged in alphabetical order, and it in no way reflects that the app at number one is better than number 4 or so. Here is a brief review of the Top 5 free antivirus apps for Android users:

1. Antivirus Free – is a light antivirus, which practically does not consume any battery power, but it performs all the basic functions of antivirus protection against malware, while monitoring the resources of Android-devices in real time. Antivirus Free has been designed with simple and intuitive interface. This antivirus is perfect for users who appreciate the simplicity and ease of working, but are serious about protecting their devices. The app is compatible with all popular like HTC Desire, Samsung Galaxy and Motorola Droid. Activate Webroot at Webroot Geek Squad

Free Antivirus can be downloaded from the below given link of Android Market:

2. AVG Antivirus Free – antivirus software for Android is an analog of popular AVG Anti-Virus for computers. This Android antivirus app has several interesting features. Even the free version can provide basic functionalities: scans the memory and all the apps that are running online, search for lost smartphone, take the data backup and restores them, blocks the Smartphone in the event of its theft, forced shutdown of applications, scheduled scanning of the device. However, there is a little drawback in AVG antivirus – it plays a bit heavy on your battery than other anti-virus apps. The developer offers many more features (beyond the basic ones) with the pro version of Antivirus.

Free version of AVG Antivirus can be downloaded by going to the following link:

3. Dr. Web Antivirus Light – it is a good antivirus for Android OS from a Russian digital security company. In the core of this app is a unique technology for searching the viruses called “Origins Tracing”. The algorithm is designed specifically for Android-devices and effectively detects all types of virus threat. It runs in the background and ensures the anti-virus checking of installed applications. Its PRO Version has additional functions in the form of widgets, black listing, several modes of filtration beside others. But even the free version effectively eliminates the virus threat to your Android-devices. | Activate and Install McAfee Antivirus

Download link:

4. Guard X Antivirus - this free antivirus for Android ensures all the basic functions needed for protection from viruses. Guard X Antivirus in real time scans each installed application, as well as the ones that are being installed by the user. Anti-Guard X regularly updates its built-in database of latest viruses and therefore it is quite effective in ensuring that your Android-device is securely protected from new threats. Besides app does not extract much of juice out of battery, and together with its simple interface, Guard X is one of the best choices of Team recommended to protect your Android-smartphone or tablet PC. Enter Your Avg Product Key

Guard X Antivirus can be downloaded from Android Market at the following link:

5. Lookout Mobile Security – experts have included this app in the list of the most popular antivirus apps for Android. Even the free version provides reliable protection for your Android-device: anti-virus scanning, data backup and restoration. Whenever it detects a suspicious or dangerous application, it just blocks its progress, and also protects against phishing attacks that are potentially dangerous for Android. Lookout constantly runs in the background ensuring that any attempt by cyber criminals to sneak inside your phone or tablet is effectively countered. If you are a very busy person to run the scan manually on your device, the app has a scheduler that run its own checks. For performing all these operations, the app does not put much of pressure on battery or on performance. In general, all the features of this antivirus make it one of the most practical free antivirus applications for Android. The app also offers a free phone locator facility. - Enter your activation key code

Free version of antivirus Lookout Mobile Security is available on the Android Market and can be downloaded here:

Thus, in this review the team of specialists from Technical Services has recommended Top 5 antivirus software, which you can download from the Android Market for free. Based upon your requirements, you can choose the right one for you or even try different ones.

Download, compare and share your experiences with other users of Android by writing your feedback in the comments below. Most importantly, remember that the best antivirus software for Android can only be you, the owner of device who needs to know all the intricacies involved with downloading, giving access and installation of apps. And one golden rule for all the owners of Android – no malicious program can sneak into the gadget without the consent of its owner.